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Keith Andrews, founder of Andrews Hydraulics, set the bar high in the UK fluid power industry. A deep and thorough understanding of circuitry brought a fresh approach to hydraulic system design. Keith recognised that many hydraulic system designs were, and often still are, over complicated. Not only does this increase project costs, but it also increases complexity of installation, operation, and maintenance.

Efficient hydraulic system design is the foundation of Andrews Hydraulics. From concept to commissioning, our objective is to reduce complexity. Unrivalled design and engineering expertise lower energy use and maintenance requirements. As business costs and responsibilities soar, never before has the Andrews Hydraulics approach been more pertinent.

Our History

The Andrews Hydraulics story began in 1970s West Midlands.

Keith Andrews is well-known in the field of industrial hydraulics, having worked for leading manufacturers in the area, honing his skills and expertise in the West Midlands for several decades. During his time as area sales manager for Vickers Systems in Birmingham, Keith demonstrated considerable talent in circuit design which, alongside his experience with local engineering firms, established his place as a leading hydraulic system designer.

With around 50% of all machine tool companies based in the Midlands at the time, Keith identified a niche for agile engineering practices, developing and supplying complete hydraulic power systems. Keith’s design values remain at the heart of Andrews Hydraulics today. A long-standing partner to some of the world’s best-known OEMs, the Midlands-based team continue to deliver efficient and uncomplicated fluid power designs, built to last.

Our Partners

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Official Distribution Partner

Our supply chain has been carefully developed to meet exacting standards. Efficient hydraulic system design requires a consistent and comprehensive supply of high-quality parts. As official distribution partner to MP Filtri, we have access to genuine hydraulic spare parts, supported by one of Europe’s leading R&D centres:

  • Hydraulic Filtration
  • Contamination Monitoring
  • Mobile Filtration
  • Power Transmission.

Our Customers

As a long-standing partner to leading OEMs, our products and services are proven to be reliable, efficient, and future-proofed, delivering the superior value our customers expect. Customers choose us because we provide hassle-free, low-complexity solutions that, in many cases, operate reliably for decades with little intervention.

We provide a comprehensive service, with our helpful and knowledgeable team providing support from concept to completion, and beyond. The projects Andrews Hydraulics supply are highly varied. From mineral processing and pharmaceutical production to water treatment and R&D, our hydraulic power systems have solved a multitude of complex operational challenges and stood the test of time in extreme conditions.

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