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A long-term supply partner to some of the best-known OEMs, processors, and service providers, Andrews Hydraulics is known for simplicity and efficiency in circuit design. Our static, mobile, and semi-static hydraulic systems are proven to deliver a reliable source of power and control to a range of industries UK designed and manufactured hydraulic systems operate reliably with little intervention, in many cases, for decades.

  • Mineral Processing
  • Utilities
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive   
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction.

Industrial Power and Control

Hydraulic systems are widely in a multitude of sectors to provide power and control in manufacturing, processing, and mobile services. From small mobile power units to large-scale modular units running several hundred LPM (litres per minute), all hydraulic systems are built to operate at maximum efficiency using Andrews Hydraulics uncomplicated approach to fluid power design.

Large hydraulic systems: Over 100 LPM

Medium hydraulic systems: Up to 100 LPM

Small hydraulic systems: Up to 30 LPM

Hydraulic systems offer high performance, efficiency, and reliability, ideal for use in a diverse range of applications from compacting and lifting to mobile equipment operation and production line functions.

Mineral Processing

Since the early 1990’s, Andrews Hydraulics have been sole supplier of fluid power solutions to mineral processors worldwide. This breadth of knowledge and years of experience is hard to beat. New projects, rebuilds, and upgrades of fluid power systems for mineral processing are a speciality at Andrews Hydraulics.

Control systems: Mobile units, Static units and Semi-static units.

Lubrication systems: Mobile units, Static units and Semi-static units 

Our customers value uncomplicated hydraulic design that stands the test of time. Many Andrews Hydraulics systems operate in the field with little intervention for decades. We build and renovate hydraulic systems for crushing, screening, and conveyors, across the globe.

Offshore & Marine

From harbour to rig, hydraulic is the ideal power source in demanding marine environments. Hydraulic systems are highly adaptable, available as static, semi-static, mobile, or self-contained units. Control multiple auxiliary functions using a single hydraulic power pack for maximum flexibility. Integrated heating and cooling systems maintain efficiently in permanent outdoor marine conditions.

  • Offshore power
  • Weatherised systems
  • Auxiliary function control
  • Eco-friendly hydraulic fluid/water
  • Winching
  • Lifting
  • Pushing.

Andrews Hydraulics systems can be designed to use bio-degradable eco-friendly oil or water, to meet specific project parameters. Talk to us about the range of hydraulic fluids available for marine and offshore operations.

Control Manifolds

Reduce complexity and cost with an expertly designed and manufactured control manifold. Hydraulic manifold systems integrate several functional controls into a single, compact unit able to withstand high flow rates over a long operating life. Boasting compact overall dimensions, hydraulic manifolds reduce complexity, such as fewer joints, flanges, and pipes.

  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Long operating life
  • Safer high pressure equipment
  • Reduced system dimensions
  • Simple maintenance.

Andrews Hydraulics design and manufacture bespoke control manifolds to meet exact project requirements. Every manifold is precision machined for safe and efficient operation of high pressure systems.

Hydraulic Test Rigs

Take control with a hydraulic testing rig. Capable of performing multiple tests to measure the efficacy of tooling and equipment, test rigs support rigorous quality procedures. Manufacturers outsourcing test processes find the use of an in-house testing rig saves considerable time and money.

  • Brake testing
  • Leak testing
  • Pipeline tests
  • Valve tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Compliance testing.

Hydraulic testing rigs put components and equipment through their paces, simulating high pressure operational conditions. Monitor performance and collect data with external test connections for remote readings. Safety enclosures are available to suit the test subject and operational conditions.

ICE Power Packs

No power supply? ICE (internal combustion engine) power packs operate in tough conditions and remote locations. Diesel-powered hydraulic systems are widely used in construction projects, such as vibratory drivers and excavators, or off-grid processing operations. Remote locations without an electricity supply can find a reliable power source for operations using diesel power.

  • Control multiple auxiliary functions
  • Remote power source
  • Reliable in tough conditions
  • Integrated or modular
  • Low-noise exhaust systems
  • Ideal for construction projects.

Integrated cooling systems ensure ICE power packs operate efficiently in extreme conditions. Fuel and oil tanks can be fully integrated within an enclosure or modular with auxiliary inputs for layout flexibility. For logistical convenience, many ICE power packs are fully integrated within a shipping container.

Hydraulic System Applications

Mineral Processing

Static, mobile, and semi-static hydraulic systems for mineral processing applications including driving, crushing, screening, conveyors.


Static and mobile hydraulic systems perform a range of operations across a highly varied sector. From civil engineering to energy production, this adaptable power supply is highly robust in all weathers.

Marine & Offshore

Perform a range of auxiliary functions with a single hydraulic system using eco-friendly hydraulic fluid or water, where required. Onshore and offshore systems are fully weatherised for use in the marine environment.


Manufacturing and testing of precision components to rigorous compliance standards. Hydraulic testing rigs are widely used to support rigorous, in-house quality procedures.


Reliable power and control for light- to heavy-duty manufacturing applications, from pressing and lifting to component and equipment testing.


An adaptable source of reliable power for excavating, pile driving, raising and lowering. ICE powered hydraulic systems are ideal for operating in remote locations.

Construction & Civil Engineering

Diesel and electrically-powered units for heavy-duty applications such as vibratory drivers and excavators.


A reliable source of power for heavy-duty and high-volume applications supporting multiple auxiliary functions. Meet industry-specific regulations with fire-resistant, eco-friendly, or food-safe hydraulic fluid.

Any size,
Any flow,
Any pressure,
Always efficient


Hydraulic systems are widespread in use across multiple sectors across the globe. Static, mobile, and semi-static hydraulic systems provide a reliable and efficient power source for heavy-duty and high-volume processes. Systems provide power for a range of applications though most commonly used across five key areas, which can often be controlled using a single hydraulic power system:


Precise positioning and holding of workpieces with rapid cycle times. Hydraulic work holding systems employ a range of clamping, linear, and support cylinders and fast-acting valves to provide power and control in high-volume and high-precision applications. Hydraulic systems are now widely used for their ability to increase processing capacity and reduce long-term costs.


Hydraulics is an ideal source of power to roll  and press materials such as steel or form parts using a die or blanking workpiece. Fluid power is widely used to transfer force and/or motion in pressing applications. A hydraulic pump and large-volume cylinder are used to transmit power, with fast-acting valves to precisely control operations.


Hydraulically actuate and control moulding equipment to inject, rotate, and close, hold, and open. High pressure is required to hold a mould together which, combined with precise control of additional functions, makes hydraulic power the ideal solution for complete moulding systems.


Extracting, handling and processing materials such as soil, minerals, oil, gas, and ore needs a power solution that can operate reliably in the toughest conditions. Hydraulics can use an electric motor or combustion engine as the primary fluid power source to push, pull, lift, and lower, making it highly adaptable to meet the most demanding mobile, semi-static, and static operations.


High-velocity, high-pressure drilling uses fluid power to hydraulically actuate and control all key functions including drill and feed units, and propulsion system. Hydraulic circuit design is both simple and efficient for reliable performance with minimal intervention.

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