Hydraulic Control Manifolds

Any Size | Any Flow Rate | Any Pressure | Always Efficient

Hydraulic control manifolds deliver maximum system efficiency and increase the versatility of a hydraulic power unit Manifolds allow regulation of fluid flow and temperature between the pumps, actuators and auxiliary components of a hydraulic power system. Comprising a block or layers of quality aluminium or steel, depending on required system pressure, manifolds are precision machined to accommodate an arrangement of connected hydraulic valves, unique to the individual circuit design.

  • Reduced parts list
  • Compact system dimensions
  • Simplified circuit design
  • Consistent system pressure
  • Fewer leak points
  • Reduced maintenance demands.

Andrews Hydraulics uncomplicated design ethos means our use of manifolds, both mono-block and modular, deliver equipment flexibility and lower costs for customers. Hydraulic control manifolds can incorporate multiple functions within a single system and reduce the potential for leaks. Manifolds can, in many cases, be developed for retrofit to an existing system in need of upgrade or refurbishment.

Key Considerations

Designing a hydraulic control manifold centres on meeting specific project parameters, including space restrictions, required force and functionality. These factors determine the right hydraulic circuit design to meet customer objectives. Efficient design, where a hydraulic circuit is uncomplicated yet effective, minimises energy loss and assures functional safety. Key design considerations for a hydraulic control manifold include:

  • Environmental conditions, e.g. marine, explosive atmosphere, ambient temp
  • Pressure and flow required
  • Hydraulic fluid type
  • Material and finish
  • Duty cycle
  • Port sizes, types, and locations
  • Valve manufacturer
  • Electrical connections and voltage.

We keep things simple for our customers. Our ethos, uncomplicated hydraulic circuit design, extends to our choice of individual components. Andrews Hydraulics designers specify widely available components wherever possible, to support interchangeability throughout the lifetime of the system.

Spares and Repairs

As a longstanding supplier to global OEMs, Andrew Hydraulics are well equipped to refurbish or replace parts and assemblies of existing hydraulic systems working in the field. This service includes control manifolds.

Existing systems can, in many instances, be upgraded to increase efficiency and functionality. A hydraulic control manifold can be designed, manufactured, retrofitted and tested, often helping customers improve existing plant assets, rather than investing in new or additional equipment.

Available from Andrews Hydraulics:

  • Spare hydraulic parts
  • Hydraulic assembly kits
  • Expert design & engineering
  • System refurbishment
  • System repair
  • System upgrade.
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