Hydraulic Systems for Offshore and Marine

Any Size | Any Flow Rate | Any Pressure | Always Efficient

Hydraulic systems for offshore and marine equipment provide high power density for operations located remotely and in permanent outdoor conditions. Hydraulic pumps can power multiple cylinders, actuators, and motors, supporting several auxiliary functions using a single power pack.

  • Fully weatherised
  • High power density
  • Control multiple functions
  • On platform, in harbour, or onboard
  • Self-contained or modular
  • Water or biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

The offshore and marine sector utilise hydraulic systems for a diverse range of operations on platform, onboard, and in harbour. Hydraulic systems can be designed to use water or biodegradable fluid for marine functions such as clamping, lifting, winching, slewing, and stabilising.

Marine HPUs

Small Hydraulic Power Packs

Drive: Electric
Flow Rate: 11 LPM
Pressure: 170 Bar
Motor: 22 kW
Tank: Designed to use bio-degradable eco-friendly oil or water
Enclosure: Self-contained bunded cabinet. Stainless steel coated for marine environment

Key Points
  • Multiple applications using a single power unit
  • Valve system control primary winch function plus multiple auxiliary functions such slewing and lifting
  • Weatherised for permanent outdoor, marine and offshore use
  • Integrated heating and cooling systems to meet environmental conditions
  • Supplied fully tested with manual and certification.

RNLI HPU - Compass Winch Power Pack

Medium Hydraulic Power Pack

Drive: Electric
Flow Rate: 65 LPM
Pressure: 190 Bar
Pump: Pressure compensated 
Motor: 22 kW
Tank: 150 Litre – Designed for bio-degradable eco oil
Enclosure: Self-contained bunded cabinet

Key Points
  • Medium hydraulic power pack custom designed for RNLI Spurn Point in Yorkshire and Humber

  • Standalone power and control unit operates a hydraulic winch to release and winch lifeboats up an incline, to and from the boathouse

  • Stainless steel cabinet for long-term use in the marine environment

  • Designed to use Panolin HLP bio-degradable oil

  • Supplied fully tested with manual and certification.

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