Hydraulic Services

From concept to completion and beyond

Robust, Future-Proofed & Always Efficient


Whatever size, pressure, or flow rate you need, Andrews Hydraulics supply complete hydraulic systems, components, and parts. This includes a range of hydraulic services:

  • In-house design
  • Manufacturing
  • Refurbishment
  • Testing
  • Installation.

We quote to your specification and circuitry, or design a system based upon your requirements after consultation. We supply a broad range of sectors, meeting unique operating requirements effectively and always efficiently. From complete systems and manifold assemblies to spare parts and test rigs, we provide a full complement of hydraulic services.

Systems and parts are supplied direct, worldwide.

System Design

Andrews Hydraulics design and build hydraulic systems for all kinds of projects, including one-offs and long-term supply.  

  • A full spectrum of electrical control is offered, from simple terminal wiring to complete PLC logic control
  • We overhaul existing systems to repair and update ageing or inefficient machinery
  • All hydraulic spares can be quoted from the full range of hydraulic parts suppliers.


We develop hydraulic systems and manifold projects from design and prototype to testing and manufacture. We work closely with end users to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. Once a prototype has been successfully trialled, the finished design can pass into production.

We design using common, easy to source parts wherever possible, ensuring maintenance is simple for our clients. Our comprehensive spare parts supply means you can order parts direct from us.

Manufacture and Testing

All bespoke products are assembled in house. Fabrications are sourced externally, checked thoroughly and assembled in-house. Completed systems are fully coated and tested before dispatch. End user witness testing is encouraged.

Full operation manuals, spares lists and test certification are provided.

Electrical Control

We can offer electrical solutions on the units we manufacture, from simple wiring of the electrical components back to a common terminal box to full PLC control of a bespoke test rig.

Spares and Repairs

Buy hydraulic parts direct from Andrews Hydraulics. As a longstanding supplier to many of the world’s leading OEMs, we carry a comprehensive stock of hydraulic spares. We ship parts worldwide for a range of industrial machines and plant equipment in the field. 

We can investigate parts returned to us at our site, including valves, manifolds, cylinders and pumps. An assessment of the part and an unbiased opinion of the best way forward will be given.


We can overhaul and repair hydraulic power systems, lube units, control cabinets and hydraulic testing rigs.  A quote can be provided to repair or upgrade the equipment.

Manuals and Documentation

We provide a full documentation package for all our hydraulic systems. Depending on the specification, this can include a bespoke manual, written for the specific power unit provided, including a description of the power unit, diagrams, and maintenance requirements.

Documentation can include:

  • Test certificate
  • Declaration of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Data Sheets
  • Material Certificates
  • Paint Specification
  • Electrical circuit drawings can be provided if requested and included in the quote.

We always provide a hydraulic circuit drawing and layout drawing.